PX275h - B-stock or Used


  • Purchasing B-stock or used products is the most affordable option we provide.

  • B-Stock products have been opened and used.

  • These products are inspected and verified to function properly, cleaned top to bottom, and restored to original factory specifications (as applicable).  Includes all essential parts and accessories.  B-Stock or Used products are repaired and stored to a like-new state (may have scratches/damages, possible dead pixels or backlight bleed), by one of Pixio’s in-house repair centers or manufacturer.  May not come in original packaging or look new.

  • Pixel Standard: May contain dead, stuck on/off, bright/dark pixels.

  • Aesthetics Standard: May have scratches/dents or noticeable use.



1. Bruise/Tint in black or dark screens

PX275h - B-Stock or Used (100502)

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